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Atomic Liquors is the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas and a beloved local dive, as well as a beloved local beer bar (still one of the best in the city).

They expanded their offerings with the Kitchen at Atomic, a separate full-service restaurant that shares the same property and outdoor patio as its namesake.

Try something a little different with Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, walking tours that hit some of the best restaurants in Vegas -- all in one night.

They start at 5 a ticket and go all the way up to an ultra-premium steakhouse tour at 9 per person.

Check out the first four panels, plus an interview with the comic’s uber-talented creator, Juliana “Jewels” Smith, here. In this scene, Kwame plugs his can’t-miss You Tube channel.

How about sipping Champagne while soaking in the Strip views from a rooftop nightclub?

Juice Press is also open late -- and there's something oddly satisfying about checking out the hotel's latest floral displays before having a nightcap that won't make you feel hungover the next morning.

Don't let the name fool you: Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits is actually probably best known as one of Las Vegas's best craft beer stores (and bars), though they most certainly sell wine and spirits, we've heard. Every Wednesday is a new beer tapping event, often celebrating a new special release or entry to the Vegas market, followed by wine tasting events every Thursday.

Fortunately, Vegas is full of endless opportunities for romance. We shouldn't need to explain this, but just in case: if you are actually looking to DATE someone, and not just hook up, it might be better to get to know them over non-intoxicants.

So whether you're looking for a quick fling or a long-term commitment, check out the best activities to keep couples busy. For some of the best in town, hit up local coffeehouse Sunrise Coffee for an excellent pour-over made from their own Mothership Coffee beans sourced from single-origin organic Fair Trade micro co-ops (that's coffee-talk for real, real good), then cross the street to Sunset Park for a stroll along the pond filled with geese and ducks and swans (romantic if you suppress thoughts of all the bird droppings), or through the ancient dunes that once covered all of Las Vegas (the dune field is all that remains of them).

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