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So for both of you guys I guess, what do you think the life that Fiona seeks would look like or could look like, obviously it’s not going to be Suburbia and the 2.5 children and the dog and the cat, so what could it look like? Anwar I don’t know to be perfectly honest whether she does want to settle down. And if something gets too physical, then the stunt men come in and take over. Obviously I’m not Steve, I’m Stevie, and the question I had for you is, Jeffrey, you spend a lot of time, because you’re the main character, you are very physical in this role, and you obviously spend so much time on set, what do you do for fun in what little off time you have? And sometimes I’m by myself and sometimes I just kind of walk onto a twosome or a threesome and join them, and most people just kind of leave me alone, and that’s my quiet time. We know Fiona wants Michael to settle down, Fiona wants the life, and at this point, we’re not sure Fiona’s going to get the life. And it’s a great relationship, because I will say what would really happen here is this, and then he comes in and makes it safe for the guest stars. Luckily down in Florida, there’s a lot of golf courses, and I just put a golf hat on and take my sticks out and I usually walk a course. Donovan I’m good, I’m a single digit, I’m down to a seven. I think she finds him the most fascinating creature. Donovan Wait a minute, you said I do, and then you said she, is this Gabrielle talking? And Gabrielle, you’re Diana Rigg for lack of, yes— G. And I was wondering if you could tell me, I really enjoyed seeing Tim Matheson and you play off each other, and I’m wondering will we see Larry again? One, we were lucky to get him, and two, he’s actually happy to be on the show and wants to continually come back. I thought I had never seen anything like that on television, so that’s what hooked me. When that happens, you find out it actually is someone quite dangerous, and Michael unfortunately allows him to escape. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Joshua Maloni with , please go ahead. Maloni Hello, guys, thanks for your time today, let’s try this again here. Anwar I think it’s going to be a real testament to have patience and adoration of Michael, which I don’t think she would admit either. One of the strengths of the show is that each of the three major characters is capable of assessing the strength and weaknesses of an opponent or an ally. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Susan Leno with and then the finale have a lot of cliffhangers and a lot of reveals. And then the finale is about trying to capture this psychopath that’s loose. Lanoue Alright, and what was it like working with Carlos Bernard in the episode? Let me ask you both, you both obviously had success in film, and a lot of times when that happens, people are less likely to want to do television. Donovan I think that, especially with cable, it’s an avenue to be creative. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Sheldon Weibe with , please go ahead. What I’d like is if you would put yourselves in the mindsets of your characters and then assess your own characters and each others. So I think that’s why I keep being drawn back to television, because I think it’s one of the most creative outlets. Anwar I like the stability, the continuity of having a lifestyle where I know I can pay my rent at the end of each month. And Gabrielle, I apologize if you’ve already been asked this, but take us a little bit inside Fiona’s mind with regard to Michael’s pursuit of the truth of trying to erase the burn notice. How long can she wait for him to sort of fulfill this quest that he’s on?

And I know at times, for USA, the show is either competitive with NBC or sometimes even through passing and are you surprised with the following that it’s gotten over the years? Donovan Well, I think that all you can hope for is that you make something that people want to watch and then somehow keep integrity while doing that. Donovan And so I think we’re very happy with the ratings definitely. And one for both of you, can you talk about your characters and just kind of the evolution that we’ve seen in your characters, and are you happy with where you guys have ended up with your characters? But sometimes Matt Nix and all the other writers keep us slightly in the character dark, not because they don’t trust us with the knowledge, but they’re just trying to figure it out as well along the way. My first question is for Jeffrey, I read online that in an upcoming episode, Michael will be going somewhere other than Miami and that he won’t be alone. It’s the season finale, and it’s really literally in the last five minutes of the show. Michael’s been stuck in Miami for quite some time, and there’s a couple of psychopaths on his tail, and things come to a hilt. Rarden The other things that caught our attention were the plot and that it was on USA, which we feel is a terrific network for bringing out new and extraordinarily interesting shows and characters. When I first met Matt Nix, who created and wrote the script, I actually said to him, you must have a remarkable relationship with your wife, because you have such incredible insight.

And so I was kind of wondering now that we’re seeing how Michael is and how the group is without the big overall mystery of who burnt Michael Westen, and who’s doing this, is there going to be a return of management anytime soon? And then there is actually going to be a change of management. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Laura Tucker with is the tags that they put on the freeze screens of like the newer temporary characters such as Gilroy Freelance Psychopath or Damon …

I’m a long time viewer of the show, and one of the things that I wanted to know more about was season one, wanted to know who burned Michael Westen; in season two, we wanted to see him get away from Carla; in season three he was exposed, kind of naked to the world, in fact, of espionage. Donovan I don’t know the name yet, but he is going to be a young operative, but he’s going to play a significant new role on the show. It’s certainly not your typical conventional idea of marriage for example, but I think she wants to feel secure because she’s a woman and it seems innate in all of us.

So that’s why I clasped onto this script with great hope. Donovan I got hooked on the voiceover, the first page is a voiceover, it says, “You know what it’s like to be a spy? He’s such a wonderful man and a fantastic actor, it was an absolute pleasure. Donovan I didn’t really work with him much, so it was all Gabrielle and Carlos. Freud, I would say that Michael is probably some sort of borderline personality disorder who grew up in incredible fear in a dysfunctional hostile family.

” I love the idea that not only do I get to play a spy, I get to play a burn spy, and on top of that, I can talk to the audience about what it’s like being a spy. Donovan So without giving too much away, Gilroy, who’s basically a psychopath controlling Michael’s actions, has to deliver a plane that has a secret piece of cargo in it and needs Michael’s help to do it. So I only met him in brief, I think at the lunch table.

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