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Gay gamer dating

The entire dating sim genre as far as NG goes is far too concerned with pleasing the horny teenage boys that are playing them. What I meant was that what was normal and acceptable in say the 50s for example would be wildly different from what would be acceptable in the 80s would be wildly different from what would be normal and acceptable 50 years from now. Gay dating sims: Don't waste your time making one because even gay guys have better things to do.

Besides that, you might as well make it yourself if you want to see it done.

Man with dark brown hair, with shaved hair, with blue eyes, muscular, white, widower, with 1 children, for long term, avec master's, looking for job, who never smokes, who never drinks Nova petropolis, Rio Grande do Sul Man with brown hair, with short hair, with brown eyes, light brown, single, with none children, avec finished high school, student, who never smokes, who occasionally drinks Maringá, Paraná Sou Rafael Henrique Cardoso Rosa.

( Sem foto, nem tenta) Sou uma pessoa tranquila, alguém que gosta de expor e ouvir opiniões alheias.

I just wanted to stick a fork in my eye after seeing that. and btw- it's me whos gonna be working on the dating sim where the goal is to get guys, but you will have a very long wait on your hands as I have a life outside NG as well as other things I must work on.ka-ching.

The author said it was called shotakon or something. I also belive that the idea of a man trying to score with a man would HIGHLY disturb the majority of us newgroundsers, unless you count the occasional girl that comes on.

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Stop thinking threads you have no interest in are pointless. One where you can play as a chick picking up other chicks.

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