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God in your dating relationship

In today’s high-tech, shallow society, many even lack the courage to speak face-to-face with the person they break up with.

However, true Christians should find the following tactics purposeful, respectful—and even fun!Ultimately, worldly dating today consists of “undefined and directionless romance” (romance for the sake of romance, without a godly purpose) that frequently ends in heartache (Harris, , p. In today’s Satan-orchestrated world, tremendous confusion surrounds the topic of dating.Sadly, that confusion frequently works its way into God’s Church, leaving many Christians with the same emotional scars that are inflicted on people in Satan’s world.In Satan’s modern world, sexual attraction and loneliness are two common motivators behind dating—not that attraction is wrong. Dating is seldom about building a friendship, or serving another person.Often, the end-goal in dating today is not to “give” to another person or even find a mate, but instead to fill one’s personal needs of loneliness and greed.

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And what happens once personal needs are met and a person realizes this “special someone” is not “the one” to spend “forever” with?

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