Groovy xml updating traditional dating etiquette

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Groovy xml updating

programming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages Paradigms IDEs Build Tools Frameworks Application Servers Open Source This Site Careers Other all forums I want to get xml content then update it and send it back to it's original place, but evry time i run my code it seems that extra characters are added ('\r' and '\n') with this updated data and as a result it increases file size , how can i remove this characters?

When i try to update my xml at first time it changes xml tag values but on the other attempts it neither trows exception nor updates data, is it because that this '\n' are changing position xml tag values?

We know how easy it is to read XML and to write XML.

Recently someone asked during a workshop if it is possible to change the XML structure as easy. It turns out we can simple use ''' def todo = new Xml Slurper().parse Text(xml) // Change node values. def gpars= find [email protected] = '1' // Add extra item node. def grails Item = find grails Item.replace Node // Remove node.

We'll also show how to create an XML structure from scratch.require reinitialization, which can have an unacceptable performance hit in case of making many changes one after another.comments Sometimes, it is not enough to parse or create XML documents.There are times when we need to edit an XML information for further processing.The following codeis a snippet of how we can traverse through the entire content of the XML document and display a proper response to the user.Movie Name: Enemy Behind Movie Type: War, Thriller Movie Format: DVD Movie year:2003 Movie rating: PG Movie stars:10 Movie description: Talk about a US-Japan war ******************************* Movie Name: Transformers Movie Type: Anime, Science Fiction Movie Format: DVD Movie year:1989 Movie rating: R Movie stars:8 Movie description: A schientific fiction ******************************* Movie Name: Trigun Movie Type: Anime, Action Movie Format: DVD Movie year:1986 Movie rating: PG Movie stars:10 Movie description: Vash the Stam pede!

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XML is extremely useful for keeping track of small to medium amounts of data without requiring a SQLbased backbone.