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While it's never pleasant being come down on hard, sometimes it's for a fair reason.

(As in, she or he doesn't actually hate you.)While them seething at meetings might make you want to drink a whole bottle of wine after work, see their standards as motivation.

Any skills that you learn now will help you to be a more valued person in your future endeavors.

Use your present job to develop not only your skills but your coping mechanisms." Even if it's tough, you're learning important skills and moving yourself up the career ladder, and that's what matters.

At least then you'll know it's not for a good reason.

Rather than raising your voice or throwing some critiques yourself, fight back the nit-picking with questions that are aimed towards understanding.

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While some bosses might just be downright crazy, most of the time you get snapped at pushed too hard because of forces that are outside of your control.

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