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If the i Phone is still hot after doing all of the above steps, including leaving it plugged in overnight in a ventilated spot, then you might have a more rare issue with the battery or hardware.

This is quite unusual but it does happen sometimes, and typically if that is the case you would need to have the i Phone service by Apple through an official support channel or an authorized repair center. Do you have any other tips to resolve a warm i Phone issue?

Here are five simple solution to fix an i Phone if it’s running too hot: If you just updated to a new version of i OS system software and now the i Phone is hot, the i Phone sometimes runs warm for a while as the device reindexes data on your phone.

This is normal and it will sort itself out over time, typically if you leave an i Phone plugged in over night (in a well ventilated setting) the indexing will complete and the i Phone will return to normal temperature.

Have you ever discovered that your i Phone it warm to the touch?

It’s not common, but sometimes an i Phone can even get outright hot to the touch, where the rear of the i Phone and the screen of the device is hot to touch, sometimes enough to be uncomfortable to hold and make your hands sweat.

More rarely, sometimes the software problem relates to a bug or issue with i OS itself.

If this is the case, usually updating i OS will resolve the problem.

Lets' see the steps on how to create group chat on i Phone with ez Talk Step 1. It's very simple to use ez Talks for you to start a group chat, no matter whether it is an audio one or video one. Read More Apple i Message is the default app for communication and chat on i Phone.Thus, resetting the device settings can be helpful sometimes – this is NOT the same as resetting the device to factory state, it’s simply resetting settings and customizations to thing like screen brightness or wi-fi preferences.You should back up your i Phone before doing this just to be safe.With premium version, you can start a group chat with up to 500 contacts.- It enables you to do audio and video group chat in HD Quality. And then, click Start A Group Chat to enter a virtual personalized group chat room. Then, you can add someone to a group chat on i Phone.

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the last time I backed up and restored my i Phone it took about 6 hours for example…. Be patient and only start this process if you have the time commitment.