Humilation dating site

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Humilation dating site

"Nirod Kumar Das, who used to practise as a lawyer after retirement, was found hanging by the neck in his room by family members after he had returned from his morning walk Sunday," Superintendent of Police Sreejith T said.

In a note allegedly left behind, 74-year-old Das stated that he was taking the extreme step to "escape the humiliation of being marked as a foreigner after the NRC process," the family members said.

Das' family said, after retiring at the end of his 34-year career as a teacher in a government school, Das had studied law and was practising in the district court at Mangaldoi near Kharupetia.

Meanwhile, the Bengali Students Federation called a day-long Kharupetia bandh on Monday to protest against the exclusion of Das' name from the complete draft of the NRC.

It can be brought about through intimidation, physical or mental mistreatment or trickery, or by embarrassment if a person is revealed to have committed a socially or legally unacceptable act.

It is an emotion felt by a person whose social status, either by force or willingly, has just decreased.

The agitated family members and locals had refused to let police take Das' body for postmortem Sunday, demanding that action be taken against the NRC processing centre for marking him a "foreigner".

They relented only after the district deputy commissioner and the superintendent of police went to the lawyer's house and assured them of a probe to find out why Das' name was excluded and how he was marked as a "foreigner".

It also can lead to new insights, activism and a new kinship with marginalized groups.

which, when turned inward can result in apathy and depression, and when turned outward can give rise to paranoia, sadistic behaviour and fantasies of revenge.

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According to his family members, Das was under distress since the exclusion of his name from the complete draft of the NRC, and more so, when the local NRC processing centre gave him a document, about two months back, stating that his name was put on hold as he had been marked as a foreigner.

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