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” to one of “Do I have this badge and this identity of being a virgin?” That, in turn, “overshadowed the Bible’s central message of grace.” was released as the purity movement was gaining popularity.“We were advocating saving sex for marriage,” Harris says in the documentary, “but we had bought into the idea that sex was essential for fulfillment and happiness, and so the implication for Christians is that marriage is also essential for fulfillment and happiness.” Dale S.Kuehne, an author and a professor at Saint Anselm College, tells Harris that prior to the sexual revolution, people didn’t believe that “sex was going to bring ultimate fulfillment.” The sexual revolution, though, elevated the importance of sex and thus impacted the church, Kuehne says.The shame of impurity motivated her parents to cover it up.A gay man was interviewed: he grew up confused by his sexuality because there was no place in the church for people like him.Today, Harris is a graduate student at Regent College in Vancouver, B. Students at the school had “mixed” views on his book and helped reshape his thinking, he says.

I am never going to be able to have a relationship."Another woman talked about a family in her homeschool community where a girl was raped by her own brother.

He put himself in the shoes of a person who is caught up in this theology by saying, "do I have this badge and this identity of being a virgin? I feel like I've lost something and I'm no longer as valuable."He continued: "I think that's led a lot of us astray."At about the seventeen minute mark, Harris said, "When I was 21, I was so confident that I had all the answers.

But now I need to be courageous by admitting that I don't."When he started making the film, he invited the public into his deconstruction process.

He chose authors who have been in the culture or observed it closely, and are in a unique position to objectively critique the issues.

Harris summed up his current thoughts on the purity movement by acknowledging that the idolization of virginity is an unhealthy focus.

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He seems to bring them in only after the girl or boy already has a strong emotional attachment to the other person; not a wise idea.

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