Invalidating cache at path restkit

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Oracle AS Web Cache ships with the following Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that you can implement: Database triggers are procedures that are stored in the database and activated ("fired") when specific conditions occur, such as adding a row to a table.

You can use triggers to send invalidation requests.

The site host name is compared with the IP address of the cache from which the invalidation request was propagated. While the central cache stores content from an application Web server, the remote cache stores content from the central cache.

To avoid excessive invalidation, configure distinct cookies for multiple-version objects and session caching policies. Specify a comment to be included in the invalidation result.Instead, if the requested object is not cached by that cache or by cluster members with the same version of the configuration, Oracle AS Web Cache forwards the request to the origin server.When the cache cluster members are not running the same version of Oracle AS Web Cache, you can still invalidate objects, and you can propagate the invalidation to other cluster members, but the invalidation message must originate from the cache that is operating with the earlier version of Oracle AS Web Cache.The administrator need only specify which objects to invalidate and how invalid those objects should be.Application Server Control Console provides a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the invalidation process. Use the online help for the wizard pages for further assistance.

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The coordinator waits for responses from all cluster members.