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She was eliminated the week before the show's finale, finishing in sixth place.Four months later, after touring with the cast of "So You Think You Can Dance," she was invited to appear as a professional on “Dancing With the Stars.” With the transition to Los Angeles and the pressure of the show, she found herself having anxiety and panic attacks, but she poured herself into dance.She and Bradley Gregory competed together for two years and were trained by some of the best coaches in the world, something her family could not have afforded otherwise.During that time, they represented Team USA in the British Open in England and at a world competition in Latvia. “I knew I was there for a reason, and I knew that whatever that purpose was, that’s what the Lord wanted for my life, and he recognized in me that dance is what helped me become a better person," Hightower said.Hightower felt her purpose was clear and that God was helping her."I knew I had to rely on the Lord and rely on the Spirit to be able to dance the way I wanted to dance and to be able to handle that pressure," Hightower said.

This was all about her workout routine during the off-season.

The exercises, which she does are primarily cardio, strength training, and weight training.

Cardio is done by her for the initial 30 minutes to increase the heart rate and as a form of warm up, which is followed by a session of weight training for 60 minutes.

Hightower, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Orem, Utah, had just finished her seventh season as a professional dancer on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." “For me, it was the first time in a long time that I had felt the Spirit that strongly in my life,” Hightower told me as she sat in the living room of my home in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City, Utah, eating grapes she had just taken from my refrigerator.

“And I think it’s easy once you kind of get off the path to forget those feelings. I think that’s why they constantly talk about remembering in the scriptures. It kind of freaked me out and made me realize that I was much further away from the gospel than I should be.

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Her family didn't have much money to spare, but her mom paid the $90 audition fee.

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