Javascript code for validating numbers

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Javascript code for validating numbers

Java Script also lets you display helpful alerts to inform the user what information they have entered incorrectly and how they can fix it.

In this lesson we will be reviewing some basic form validation, showing you how to check for the following: This lesson is a little long, but knowing how to implement these form validation techniques is definitely worth the effort on your part.

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Javascript Forum There's nothing more troublesome than receiving orders, guestbook entries, or other form submitted data that are incomplete in some way.

If this even returns 0 or false then a form cannot be submitted, and if it returns 1 or true it will always be submitted.Inside each string is a function called match that you can use to see if the string matches a certain regular expression.We accessed this function like so: elem.value.match(expressionhere).You can avoid these headaches once and for all with Java Script's amazing way to combat bad form data with a technique called "form validation".The idea behind Java Script form validation is to provide a method to check the user entered information before they can even submit it.

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We wanted to see if the input's string was all numbers so we made a regular expression to check for numbers [0-9] and stored it as numeric Expression.