Joomla online dating site

Posted by / 15-Jul-2020 00:11

Unfortunately the true days of free have gone there is catches Hello guys, I am the developer of Joomla Date, so I will just add on this conversation, to give you the developer’s perspective.

Joomla Date is not a trivial piece of software; I worked on it for over a year, and probably well over 200 hours.

It’s really nice when people give away software, but if you look there are only a few extensions of any substance that are free.

It’s really unrealistic to think you can build a website for free, even if it is for your church or a non-profit.

I don't think Jom Social or CB really ever go this done.

When I first released Joomla Date in alpha, I made it free with source code and asked for feedback, after 2 weeks and 2000 downloads, I received no input back, though I did see some Hungarian website selling that version of the code last year.

I think a lot of people turn to Joomla and think they can just pop out a website with no web experience or skill.

If you had the time and skill, I am sure you could write your own dating system – or go with a system that isn’t integrated into Joomla.

I donate all the time I do not charge for anything on my site except advertising to cover home broad band costs I belive in keeping it free?

So I still think it should be free and I would donate if i made any money from script at all from donations that was up and beyond my costs.

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Last time I checked, people who worked for non-profits still get paid (just less, obviously I’m talking about full time people, not volunteers).