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Mack dating tips

I learned this one from a guy that calls himself “Mystery” and found it to be pretty accurate.

Mystery makes the claim that this signal has been hardwired into a woman’s DNA since “Ape days” and by scratching the top of her wrist, she’s indicating that she wants to be groomed.

This means that generally, I don’t even bother trying to pick up on a bunch of signs letting me know if the girl is interested or not. I realize that there are situations where either..a) You really care about the girl you’re interested in and want to make sure you make your move at a point when you know for sure she’s attracted too to reduce your chance of rejection.b) You realize that rejection will help you grow stronger but you don’t yet have the confidence to take a blow to your ego.

Escalate Physical Contact Pickup artists use the term “kino” to describe physical contact between men and women.

There are thousands of different acts that would be considered kino, everything from a simple pat on the back to a full-on make-out.

Whereas if you ignore all physical contact for six hours and then amateurishly lunge for a kiss at the end of the night, you’ll seem clumsy and awkward. Kiss Closes There are tons of strategies for getting a kiss and having other adventures.

These are mechanisms that greatly increase your chance for success.

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