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Excludes: medications, drugs or other treatments not prescribed by a doctor or not listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).Pharmacy expenses coverage always comes with a co-payment.

The waiting period is calculated as 12 months commencing from: Yes.

In the Gulf region, AXA has been present for more than 68 years, offering a wide range of insurance products and services for corporate, SME and individual customers.

Since January 1st 2018, Value-Added Tax (VAT) was applied in the UAE at a rate of 5% to a majority of commercial products and services.

With no additional costs for this service, students can consult Doctors over the phone and video calls, and also avail medical prescriptions and specialist referrals.

If you are seriously hurt or sick, you can visit the accident and emergency department at either a Public or Private hospital for urgent treatment.

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The MRI must be referred by a registered specialist medical practitioner and .