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This means that if you attach an error handler within 2 seconds, it won't be logged as a false positive.

Reference Errors and Type Errors are only subject to a 100ms delay due to the higher likelihood that the error is due to programmer error.

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Even in one of the world's biggest cities, home to literally millions of singles, finding love is still really difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible - at least when you have the right dating site by you side!

Before all examples, you will need: ) Converts values and foreign promises into Promises/A promises.

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Love bombing is a seductive tactic, where a manipulative person tries to control another individual with “bombs”, brimming from day one.

Things progress quickly and the rush of a new romance can often be powerful for victims, pushing aside any feelings of doubt and causing high levels of infatuation.

This leaves little room for the victim to assess if they are being manipulated or to see if the other person is genuine – particularly if contact is fairly constant, either over calls or through texts.

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You simply call Due to the performance cost, you should only do this during development.