Nas dating sade

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When your dad is a jazz player, how could you not drip all that swag?Born September 14, 1973 in Brooklyn and raised in Queensbridge Houses, Nas went through a transformation in front of our very eyes and we have always been here for it. However, it doesn't seem to have any obvious ties to his on-stage moniker.However, it turns out that's not even close to how he got his pseudonym.When the late 90’s and 2000’s came around, Nas not only started to branch out into other realms, such as his role as Sincere in , but he also started to mature and become more mindful of not only himself but what was going on in the world.

Nas’s ability to create ill lyricism that was hood with just enough intellect has always been the focal point of him as an artist, but that was just a part of what made him so fine.

As Nas grew in the industry, he grew personally as well, flexing his intellectual and political side more often.

Nas’s lyricism, growth, and intelligence made women fall in love even deeper and made his persona even more attractive.

"It's like a big misunderstanding and it's not one that I even want to give the time, because I'm never putting someone as the face of my career," he explained. It is disappointing when a big blog will post something without me talking about it but, I mean, it happens." So the "Nas" part is still a bit of a mystery, for now.

As for the X in his name, it's actually considered to be a Roman numeral by the Atlanta-based rapper, signifying his life plan."As I got more serious with music, I added the 'X' on, like, 'OK, this is the amount of time until I'm going to be, you know, at that mogul, legendary level," he said.

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In the 1990’s, Nas was the rebel without a cause, the quiet one you needed to keep your eye on.

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