Navaho dating practices

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The circular com pollen sprinkle represents the new family’s journey on the footprints of life.The traditional Diné kinship and clan systems (K’é dóó Dóóne’é) need to be seriously considered before a couple plans to wed.

From outside and inward in the path of the sun and the shadow, it reveals the comprehension of all the blessings and harmonies provided by the Holy Spirit and the Holy People.

This is a Diné verbal law brought down from our ancestors to keep the bloodline healthy.

This Diné traditional wedding serves as an example of using the guiding principles of life, Iiná Bitsé Siléí dóó Báá Siléí as the Navajo Customary Law.

The base is the foundation of life, the Mother Earth, and the outer edge is the foundation of the Father Universe.

The color prints or figures are the formations of the earth surfaces, water, and the sky of days and nights throughout the four seasons.

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The color prints are not completely enclosed where there is an opening that represents an entrance and exit.

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