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in its competitive style, but the dynamic duo of Pauly D and Vinny presents an interesting opportunity for the 20 female contestants.

Both men will get to decide who is eliminated, but it's the women who will choose which man they wish to pursue.

If they reach the predetermined length of time without revealing their annoyance, 0 was awarded on the spot.

But did they ever have to walk down Grafton Street behind a slow group of tourists?

Contrary to what today's teens might think, the MTV generation wasn't just about the music videos: we had a ton of insane shows, too.

Our MTV just had way fewer pregnant teens and werewolves, and a just bit more music.

This could present some potential awkwardness should Vinny like a girl that's into Pauly, or vice-versa.

Will situations like this cause a rift in the two's long-running bromance? There, Pauly admitted Megan Fox is his celebrity crush, and was surprised with a room full of women who all were dolled up as the actress.

At the end of each successful first date the dater would give the man or woman they didn’t “Next” a choice.Most guys had at least one gleeful line about only caring about a woman’s body. Once, a guy even pulled out his dick for probably producer-coerced reasons.With , Netflix has proven that it’s not above a good old-fashioned bad dating take.Either they could go on a second date, or collect a cash prize equaling the length of their first date.You never knew who was going to choose what or how they were going to justify their insane choices.

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Here are some of our favorite old-school MTV shows that you may have forgotten about.

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