Outlook vba updating access table

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The sorting method of the ADODB Recordset is the only VBA sorting method known to me that can be used to sort by different fields. In this page I will not cover all aspects of the ADODB Recordset. You can use the ADODB Recordset to put data from all kinds of sources together and quickly edit them because they are loaded into the working memory via the ADODB Recordset and are easily accessible. Most 'storage' methods do not have a sorting method. The ADODB Recordset also contains a built-in filter method. Since the ADODB recordset has a separate VBA library, you can use this method in all Office applications (Word, Access, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). External Data 6.1 ADTG file 6.2 XML file 6.3 Access file 6.4 Excel file 6.5 Text file 6.6 Open Excel file 7. Adapt Record 8.1 non linked Record 8.2 linked Record 9. Delete Record 13.1 Unlinked record 13.2 Several records 13.3 All records by filter 13.4 All records by loop 13.5 Linked record 13.5.1 Access - . Now the ADODB Recordset is available in every procedure in the VBproject (= workbook, document, presentation) through the variable db_00. ADODB Recordset structure 5.1 Define fields 5.2 Fields collection 5.3 Field Properties 5.4 Delete field 5.5 Store the Structure 5.6 Create Records 5.7 Records from Excel Range 5.8 Records from Listobject 5.9 Records Add 6. Transpose Active X List Box VBA-Array 12.2.1 Record selection 12.2.2 Field selection 12.2.3 Field order 12.3 . Save 12.4.1 ADTG file 12.4.2 XML file 12.4.3 Excel to XML 13. If you use 'early binding' it can be done very densely in one line using this code in the declaration area. Create an ADODB Recordset 4.1 Early binding 4.1.1 Local scope 4.1.2 Private scope 4.1.3 Public scope 4.2 Late binding 4.2.1 Local scope 4.2.2 Private scope 4.2.3 Public scope 5. The next step is to assign a new instance of an ADODB Recordset to the public variable. Declaration and assignment In order to make a variable accessible in the whole VBA Project the variable must be declared Public in the declaration area of the codemodule in a standard macromodule.

This variable must first be declared in the declaration area of a standard macrocodemodule. Each field requires a unique name: the first argument. The field definition restricts the kind of data you can store in it. It works analogously to the declaration of variables in VBA. Every workbook, document, userform, sheet, classmodule has its own codemodule. Since Variant is the default data type, you can also omit the specification of this data type. You can declare the data type of the variable for an ADODB. In a procedure (macro or function) in the same codemodule where you declared the variable you can assign an ADODB Recordset instance to that variable.

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It's not possible to change the 'Name' of a field, since it is part of the Recordset's structure.

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