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She is the recipient of Academy Award, Golden Globe Award as well as the BAFTA Award.

Jennifer Connelly has collected a large amount of money from her work in both movies and TV series.

But it is the powerful performances by Louise Lombard, Paul Bettany and Ariyon Bakare that make this film ignite.

It is to the credit of Ross Kettle to make the history of the struggle so potent by using significant flashbacks to the characters' childhood dilemmas and the spare use of external shots that make the tension and moments of quiet acceptance so pertinent.

She appeared in several commercials, television advertisements, and newspapers before landing her debut role in the film Once Upon a Time in America.

She also then went on to act in several films along with modeling.

The film opens when the main characters were children and caught up in the marked division between whites and blacks that interfered with their childhood games and friendships because of the cruel prejudices imposed by their parents.The fact that a white woman and a black man even talk is dangerous and it is with great hesitation that Joseph accepts Emma's kindness.Gradually the two become true friends, able to dissolve the disparity that is destroying the nation.Connelly has also been named by the Amnesty International as the Ambassador for Human Rights Education on the year 2005 and she has been included in the lists of the world’s most beautiful women in Fair, Esquire, Los Angeles Times, Vanity and Time.Connelly is a film actress of American nationality who was formerly a child model as well.

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The 2006 film Blood Diamond and the 2008 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still also portrayed her.