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Paula lema dating

Diary of a Tired Black Man is a narrative dramatic-comedy that is also combined with documentary footage shot across the country.

The scripted narrative portion centers around James (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and his wife Tonya (Paula Lema), and James' struggle to deal with his wife's outbursts of anger and antagonistic behavior.

The documentary portion of the film follows Tim Alexander as he goes around getting feedback, opinions and commentary from real-life African-American men and women in various cities across the United States about the challenges they deal with in their marriages and dating relationships.

She currently has 468 gallery links and 92 videos in her own Free Ones section. Now you may be indescribably* jealous of silver-spoon types (that's YOUR problem), but what does that have to do with Lena Paul?

James in the end is able to discover techniques on how some people live happier lives because of the principles which they share in the documentary aspect of the film.

how will I test James today -- Power struggles -- A strong black woman is a woman who has weathered many storms without losing the goodness of her character -- The last supper -- Even a nice guy like James has limits ...First -- it's "labeled/categorized"as a 'drama' i.e. That is one big glaring mistake: It is not a narrative film. (this video is an insult to the genre, "documentary")This is just an arrogant, self-righteous, one-sided, conceited, ignorant, self-indulgent commentary on the STEREO-TYPE of an "angry black woman" -- condescending African-American women who carry this self-inflicting, self-destructive disease known as, "Angry Black Woman Syndrome". As it was barely mentioned in the movie, maybe these issues aren't just "black women issues" but rather "Men and Women" issues as a whole. The majority of the men in this video, including our Lord-Almighty, director/savior, Mr. For the Tim Alexander, I know that's a bit too much to swallow, cause after all, he's actually the racist for not seeing the larger picture and realizing it's not a color/race issue, but rather just the standard gender/relationship issues that every one deals with. Then he might actually know what he's talking about instead of just watching Tyler Perry movies. Gotta have your name down on everything because you're so insecure with your abilities? This scripted narrative portion has centered around James who was played by Jimmy Jean-Louis and his beautiful wife Tonya played by Paula Lema.James has been struggling to keep his marriage with his wife sane, as his wife suffers from outbursts and antagonistic anger. Tim Alexander while he goes throughout trying to get feedback, commentary, and opinions from real life African American women and men in various places across the United States.

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After a life of making bad choices in the women he chose to deal with, he decided to make this film, by himself as a crew of one, to show the world the challenges a good man has in a relationship. Who is this loser, besides just being a narcissist. It's not even that they're a blue-collar working class family but the wife just always demands more. But the good news is, the world needs plenty of bar tenders, so why don't you start there and leave the documentaries and film-making to the people who are smart enough to make a good movie.

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