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Pc tools spyware doctor not updating

You can read everything here. had Spyware Doctor and found it only scans and finds spyware, but does not remove it unless you purchase.Try Spybot Search and Destroy It's free to use and scans and removes spyware. also use Spyware Blaster, also free. this helps Graham What i am referring to is that originally (last year) the free version did in fact remove everything it found.PC Tools Spyware Doctor delivers powerfully simple protection against dangerous spyware.Built on award-winning technology, yet made straightforward for everyday use, it’s the easy way to defend your personal and browsing information from prying eyes.This is the free version which i downloaded and have been using for at least 6 or more months, so i don't believe it is a 1 month trial version.Has Spyware Doctor gone out of business or is it their way of telling me to 'upgrade'?Whether you are surfing, shopping, socializing, sharing, or banking, comprehensive guards stop new spyware faster than traditional security products.Engineered for speed - No more sitting around waiting for protection.

These features include updates to Spyware Doctor's intelli-signatures, tools and main application files for upgraded functionality, and minor Help updates.

I do have Spybot and ad-aware but I found that have all 3 worked very well together finding things that the others didn't. Yes there was a free version that scanned AND removed spyware which as of mid december05/jan06 has stopped updating it's database for the free version as t9275 rightly pointed out. Is has a 14 day trial period but remains free after the 14 days if you don't buy it.

I have AVG antivirus, spybot, adaware and microsoft antispyware. All you lose is the process guard and the auto updating but you can still get the updates manually and scan with it,.

I still have it on my computer, but I told a friend to download it and now it will only scan and not remove anything unless you purchase it.

I also notice that as of the New Year the updates don't work anymore on the free version.

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I supplied in my previous post but according to the PCTools website, the trial version scans only.