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Here on our website we have over 3000 inmates who have posted profiles in search of finding a new friend to correspond with. Studies have shown that inmates who have pen pals or have continued correspondence with friends or loved ones have a lower recidivism rate than those who don’t.So by becoming a pen pal to an inmate you are actually doing a good service to society.2018) Advertisments, ads and replies are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way. Able is an online community website for disabled people, where we can chat and help each other by sharing our experiences.

In this era of social media, you understand a troubling reality: many kids spend a lot of time making superficial connections on their phones and less time forging meaningful relationships that can inform, entertain, comfort and reassure them as they grow up.

Once you compile a list of potential pen pals, your child will probably need you to track them down, or contact the parents.

Propose a pen pal arrangement to the other child's parents.

For example, some schools forge “sister school” partnerships with same-named schools in other cities or states that may be ripe for the creation of a pen pal program. The next time you attend a sporting event, ask your child to point out someone he has struck up a conversation with.

Do the same for summer camps, day camps or lessons your child has taken with other children.

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Even if you don't live in a transient area, your child is likely to know someone from her kindergarten class who has since moved away.