Rani mukherjee salman khan dating

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Rani mukherjee salman khan dating

Even to her closest friends, Rani has been denying wedding rumours since the last two years.However, the not-so-hushed talks about vexing her co-stars, particularly females, are too frequent and alarming to be dismissed as mere back-biting.

Karan put up my picture on his Twitter account and titled it as ‘My favourite girl! Asin Dear Diary, I always knew people would link me with my co-actors. But the media has started spreading rumors about me and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Commenting on why Rani is so upset, a source said, “Rani doesn’t want the DPL participants to be eliminated starting this level (Level 5). Sonam Kapoor Dear Diary, I’m so excited about my next movie, I Hate Love Stories. Recently, we were shooting in New Zealand and I fell into cow dung. The other day I was invited to a radio station to promote my film. I hate luv storys will surely rock the theatres and become a huge hit. My Comment: Rani we love your voice.makes you, you!!Today, she is a far cry from the Ms Congeniality she used to be in her Bunty aur Babli days with Abhishek Bachchan.She used to be everyone’s favourite but that only led to trying to please everybody and Rani is now neither here, nor there.

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At least it wasn’t a flop AND a loser against another film! as a comeback vehicle, thinking that cricket bats and bikini tops are a potent blend. Yash Raj Films even had the gall to take this abominable piece of cinema to the Toronto Film Festival this month. ,” a reputed filmmaker and Rani’s friend wondered after watching Dil Bole Hadippa! Same expressions, same laughter She even cries in exactly the same way as she did in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. ” But even if we let Toronto be, closer home, signs of Rani’s downfall were present for all to see since a long time.

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