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Their stormy history could make them more conscious and appreciative of someone who wants to—and is able to—have a healthy relationship with them.

That said, regardless of what side you're on, a rebound requires you (or them) to have a lot of self-awareness to handle the ball well.

That’s fine if it’s the way you feel and you’re sure, but you need to make certain that you know what you want before you begin dating.

You don’t want to get hurt again by having a brief encounter when you really wanted more and you don’t want to get stuck in a serious relationship when you aren’t ready yet.

Similarly with relationships, someone who is able to "get back out there" after being let down or hurt after a breakup shows maturity and resilience.

And it can have a very positive effect on your bond: If someone got out of an unhealthy relationship after trying to make it work with a dysfunctional (or even just incompatible) person, they might be extra ecstatic when you come into their path.

They don’t have to like it, but extend them the courtesy of a warning.

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Take it slow at first and you’ll avoid getting hurt or hurting anyone else.

Know What You Want You might disagree with the above suggestion and find the person you are sure is the one this time.

If you're surprised you've found yourself wondering if you're in a rebound relationship as an adult—not a high schooler surrounded by hallway whispers—well, don't be.

Rebound relationships are a common occurrence in dating at any age, and they're not necessarily a bad thing. If you think about it in basketball terms, a rebound—you know, where you take an immediate second shot at the basket after missing it initially—is a skill that teams actively seek.

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(The ball = your relationship, in case that wasn't clear.) Let's start with the scenario that you're the one rebounding after a split.