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“Becoming a physician is a hard and beautiful journey,” says Chan.

“Finding someone to share it with means that no matter what you’re doing — anatomy lab, rotations, whatever — the other person knows what you’re going through and can support you along the way.” In fact, couples say that acting as one another’s sounding board — whether helping with a tough case or listening to complaints about difficult personalities — is tremendously satisfying.

“Sean and I can offer constructive criticism to each other, but if one of us was doing worse, that might have been hard to hear." The biggest challenge for medical couples usually is making time for one another.

Epstein says successful couples become scheduling ninjas, even if together time comes in half-hour increments.

“By the time we started dating, there were already couples in our class that were falling apart.

If the relationship flames out, years of tension may lie ahead.“The most successful doctors — really, the most successful people — are good at forgetting about themselves and making themselves into a servant of others,” says Charlie Stevens, MD. The more you can do that, the better it is for you and your partner,” notes Stevens, who met his wife Danielle Rush Stevens, MD, at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.There also are practical benefits to med school romances, like gaining a built-in study partner.“I just love that I can come home and talk about everything — about cases, attendings, frustrations,” says Jacque.“I don’t have to explain anything.” Many medical couples feel the same kind of connection.

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“[A]s a woman, I think I spend a lot more time worrying about how people perceive me.” Perceptions are skewed against female doctors, says Sarah Epstein, a marriage and family therapist and author of .

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