Sccm collections not updating update collection membership actor dating inxs mcneil suzie

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Sccm collections not updating update collection membership

Refresh doesn't do anything in my experience - clicking through another folder and back repeatedly until the update membership is done works. :)I think that the "update membership" button only re-evaluates membership that is based on a query. Sometimes they will come in almost instantly, and other times it can be a half hour. The next morning it was in the device collection though. there's also a tool for this in the you're using alot of collections with incremental updating and complicated rules, stop doing that. check the coll evaluator log for more clues - some collections take alot longer and you could just have some hogs in the way. Then I update membership on my departments all device collection after ten minutes or so, and the new ones appear, populating my specific device collections shortly after that. I'm not sure what the exact problem was or how it got fixed.The members of the static collection will remain CONSTANT unless there is immediate action to change the membership.We can manually or programmatically change the members of the collection. As I explained in the Video tutorial, you need to use a direct membership rule to create a static collection.I have a couple of posts about How to create collections (static and dynamic) in this series of posts.This post is part of SCCM Education series of posts!

Static collections and Dynamic collections are those two types of collections.

Try to avoid creating many creating loads of collections this could impact entire SCCM environments performance.

We can discuss about Collection Best practices in next week’s post.

Depending on the logic given in membership rule, a device or user will get added to a particular collection.

Static Collection SCCM is explained in the below section. Built-in and custom collections are those two(2) types of collections. However, we can create custom collections as per our business requirements.

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I have different Device Collections for servers in different AD group.

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