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Shavies came “running up the stairs with (his) belt,” she wrote, grabbed his son’s wrist and lifted him off the ground and began “to whip” the child, who was about 4 or 5 years old at the time.“The belt was striking (the child’s) midsection area, his arms, and his legs,” she wrote, adding that Shavies landed about 12 blows before she could stop him.But Shavies himself exposed his unprofessional conduct by putting the full termination document in the divorce file, arguing that it showed that his wife was being vindictive when she alerted his bosses to his misconduct.Contacted after the first records were released, Pinole police Chief Neil Gang said he believed Shavies deserved a second chance in law enforcement and hired him to join the department in Pinole, a city of about 19,000 north of Richmond on San Pablo Bay in Contra Costa County.

The documents did not include details about the massage parlor incident that also played a role in his termination.

He also wrote that Shavies’ ex-wife had found other instances where he had visited sex workers, and that Shavies had searched online for massage parlors where sex was available on a website, Rub

“It happened so quick,” Shavies told investigators several times when asked why he didn’t stop the unwanted sexual massage, according to an interview transcript in his divorce file.

In court papers, she wrote that the couple’s marriage was “full of abuse toward me.

I never reported any of this violence during our relationship to law enforcement.

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Ahern wrote that Shavies claimed a masseuse suddenly pulled down his shorts when he only wanted a back massage, shocking him so much he could not stop her from committing the sex act that he paid for.