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"You could think about people who feel uncomfortable going to a prostitute because they're putting another human being in that position," she tells 's summer host Mike Finnerty.

Van Wynsberghe explains when Japan established the first sex doll bordello, it was very popular.

“If vibrators can be such a huge commercial success, then malebots with vibrating penises would also seem likely to have great commercial potential.”The big question, as posed by FRR, is “what additional impact on societal perception” will this create “within an already burgeoning adult industry that thrives on such objectification and commodification?

”A majority of scholars cited by FRR believe that sex robots could lead to “some form of social isolation”—holding users back from creating strong friendships and even stunting their ability to feel intimacy and empathy.

"Sex is part of the body and the body is part of the person.

You see, in the minds of medieval leaders, women were evil temptresses, men were hapless dupes at the whims of their libidos, and sex work was an exercise in directing lonely, frustrated men to an outlet for their urges and a source of sexual education until they could find someone acceptable to marry.“Sadly, that’s still a very radical idea, as we’ve seen through the Me Too movement, through all of the attacks by this administration, by the fact that many women still can’t have access to the basic healthcare that they need, that they are shamed and stigmatized for being sexual.”How Planned Parenthood is getting its mission across has evolved to include everything from VR experiences to period tracking apps to chatbots.For Laguens, it’s not necessarily a question of if Planned Parenthood can stay relevant, it’s how they’re actually doing it.She suggests this new advanced AI sex robot could be a good solution to the discomfort some people feel about relying on prostitution for sexual gratification.She tells Finnerty that sex robots can meet the needs of a broad spectrum of individuals.

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Sex robots are a man’s world, as demonstrated by Abyss Creations, maker of the life-size Real Doll sex toy (above).