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This Dorset-born boy enjoys the simpler things in life like fishing, camping and outdoor survival strategies.

Truly coming into his own with a Versus collection and a music career all his own, Zayn is entering his quarter of a century having never looked better.

I got advice from my BFF and my mom (of course Melissa was on a cruise and out of reach) and told him the next day that I didn't feel a connection and did think we should see each other anymore. Until the next day when I got his NUMEROUS texts asking what he did wrong...

Less than two minutes later I got a notification from Facebook that he had unfriended me.

Now making a name for himself behind the camera, Cole shines just as bright.

When he was finally out of my apartment I ran to my bedroom and called my best friend to tell her how horrible it had all been and tried to figure out how to tell him it was definitely not going to work. He invited himself over to watch a movie at my place and I was a little taken aback and answered yes too quickly. I don't know where his lips were but I'm pretty sure they were hanging out somewhere around my chin and under my nose. But he'll find someone who likes him just the way he is (fetish and all) and so will Heather. I think that's a pretty important part of our relationship puzzle. He followed me back to my place and I put on (my all time favorite movie), but I should've instantly known this was not going to end well when my cat did not like him (she LOVES everyone). He banged his teeth against mine and breathed wayyy too heavily into my ear. No, no, nothing to do with my feet thankfully, but he told me he liked to "listen to girls' heart beats". What do you think: Would YOU Date A Guy You Weren't Really Attracted To? We exchanged a few messages and eventually started to text with the idea being that we would go on a date the following Saturday (dinner and ice skating, aww).We really seemed to click and we even talked on the phone a few times, once for over two hours.

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Let that can't-put-our-finger-on-it magic never die. Describing himself as a "creative entrepreneur", Luka - who grew up between New York and Paris - has found most success in the modelling field.

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