Shanghai european dating

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Shanghai european dating

On appearances: MICHAEL HURWITZ spent six years in Shanghai doing the little things to help bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between China and the West.Now back in the United States studying business and Chinese, Michael enjoys reggae music, his hometown basketball team the Washington Wizards, and has a handful of tattoos he'd rather not explain.So we’ve gotten a few questions lately about dating in China.It’s an interesting topic that hits on a lot of key cultural touchpoints, so I want to take a few minutes to talk about this.These lessons from Yoyo Chinese's Intermediate Course features interviews with people on the streets of China.Following these brief interviews, Yangyang breaks down the important language points found in their answers.Even the nuts-and-bolts process of dating can be wildly different in China.

Even if it’s not such a big deal to her personally, it's still something that's on her mind and that her parents will be bringing up just about every time they see her.

This goes back to less stable times, when marriage meant much-needed security, but of course this is by no means a purely Chinese phenomenon: In 2010, 44% of American women had , but way way back in 1995, more than 59% had been hitched by 25.

China is relatively new to the whole modern-stable-globalized-internet (still working on that last one, really) country thing, and when your culture is over 4,000 years in the making, old habits die hard.

Consider, too, the generational issue at play here: The lovely lady you’ve been crushing on’s parents and grandparents are the ones exerting that pressure to get married, even though she herself may not feel that she’s ready or interested.

That's because her grandparents' and possibly (depending on where in China she is from) her parents still value marital stability above all else in their time, given the instability and volatility of their eras.

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This particular cultural difference, is, in my experience, a big reason so many intercultural relationships fail; I know one girl I met texted me five times the next day – a serious no-no for me but standard procedure for her.

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