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Whenever she gets angry, she grabs her stuffed “Happiness Bunny” and takes out her frustrations by punching it repeatedly, a habit she picked up from her mother.Masao is a meek one in the group, a scaredy cat who often gets bullied by bigger kids in the kindergarten.One of the running gag is that, whenever Shin comes to visit, he always mistakes the house across the street as his.Bo is the slow one in the group, always seen with snot coming out of his nose.In spite of that, he is paranoid and is prone to having nervous breakdowns whenever something goes wrong, most of which is because of Shin’s antics.

Shin has a group of friends there: Kazama, Nene, Masao, and Bo. He is dressed neat, is polite, and is often depicted as the “intelligent” one.

It’s hinted that Himawari is destined to follow her brother’s footsteps, in a relative way.

The story of her birth was released simultaneously with the original comic and the anime in middle of 1996; her name was selected from a contest, where fans could submit names.

Nene, a red-haired girl who has a habit of playing “real house”, her version of the house game where arguments and divorces are common.

She often blackmails her male classmates (including Shin) to play this game.

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in August 1990 (also the home of Lupin the 3rd a few decades earlier).