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Singapore caucasian dating

“These men would never have gone out with me because they would have deemed me too “unconventional” (therefore unattractive) by their standards; I’m also a proud feminist, opinionated, and a martial arts practitioner,” she says.

After all, they had no idea how long Brad was planning to stay in Singapore for, or what his intentions were. Interestingly enough, Caroline also explains that without a doubt, she had never seen herself dating a Caucasian man.

Admittedly, some AMDK/Sinkie comparisons do stem from very real issues.

In multinational corporations, for instance, where Singaporeans find themselves working alongside Caucasian colleagues who may be more aggressive and confident than they are competent, it can get particularly frustrating.

The couple, who have been together for 7 years and married for 2, met at a Muay Thai camp in Chiang Mai.

Denise shares that she’s never discounted dating local men, but points out that she’s received narrow-minded comments about how women look better with long hair (she wears a short pixie crop) or should know how to cook.

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Simon, here with Deborah, shares that there may have been only one or two occasions where he felt like there was any malice/negativity.

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