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Smurfette used the makeup mirror to call Gargamel from inside her mushroom house, and he would instruct what kind of problem to cause in Smurf Village.

Most of these events were orchestrated, as she used a makeup compact kit that was in actuality a transponder.At this point the pressure and guilt got to her and she began to have second thoughts.She admitted to have been working for Gargamel, but repented and pleaded that she didnt want to be evil, so Papa Smurf agreed to transform her into a real smurf with a spell from one of his spellbooks.A new comic book, released in French on April 2, 2010, La Grande Schtroumpfette (translated as The Great Smurfette, Grand Schtroumpf being Papa Smurf's French name), however, depict her as tired of all the sexism she suffers of.To help her be respected among Smurfs, Papa Smurf leaves the village for a trip and gives Smurfette his authority in the meantime.

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There have been many complaints over Smurfette's character.

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