Speed dating second date

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Speed dating second date

That is, intelligence can be measured by way of IQ tests, or school grades, etc..

Ambition can be pseudo-measured by how well you did in school, how “good” of a job you have, etc.

This model basically works by trying to answer the question: “Will someone request to go on a second date?

” and arrives at its final answer by asking a series of yes or no questions.

On the other hand, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it can be argued that fun and sincerity are as well. When it comes to dating, we often hear about people having “types”.

Of course, these are just the Tall, dark, and handsome. That is, we are often told (maybe by our annoying friends) that we over and over go for the same type of person, whether we accept it or not.

Dating has long been regarded as a simultaneously rule-driven and mysterious game.

You need to dress well, seem interested in everything your date says, but all the while, “be yourself”.

Accuracy is simply the number of dates where the model correctly predicts whether or not there will be a second date divided by the total number of dates.Other high discrepancy traits include attractiveness and sincerity.Interestingly, the lowest discrepancies occur with intelligence and ambition, both of which are more measurable than the other three traits.Can we use our data to help answer the question of whether people are attracted to certain “types” of other people?To make this more concrete, we will consider our “types” as our six attributes: Attractive, Intelligent, Ambitious, Fun, Sincere, and Sharing of Interests.

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This gives us evidence that perhaps intelligence and sincerity are not separate, but are really part of one combined “type”.