Stop windows from updating automatically

Posted by / 26-Apr-2020 09:42

These may even change a setting or remove a feature which you loved using.

After being criticized for this from a large number of their users, Microsoft eventually rolled out a few options that you can change to stop the Windows updates.

While updates do provide better security and stability to an operating system, Windows 10 delivers them at the cost of your convenience.

AT times, the updates rolled out by Microsoft get downloaded and installed on your computer without any notification.

So without wasting any more time, Since there won’t be any more new versions releasing in the Windows series, Microsoft decided to change Windows 10 to a service.

That being said, all the updates that you receive now are a part of this service.

However, though you may not find any setting to disable Windows 10 updates per se, there are other ways to manage them.

Before we discuss the different ways, let us find out why you would want to stop Windows 10 updates in the first place.

While it is an advancement in almost all domains over its predecessors, it is far from being perfect.So, to stop them altogether would mean stopping one of Windows’ service.To find out which one and how to stop it, read the steps mentioned below.In case you ever wish to change it back to the default one, select “3- Auto download and notify for install”.In this method, you will make Windows believe that your internet connection is a metered one, and then it won’t automatically download all the updates over it.

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With a free Registry tweaks, you can take full control of the updates. This method gives you the control over Windows 10 updates pretty much like what got in its previous version.

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