Suzanne lapalm online dating

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Suzanne lapalm online dating

Shortly after Totsbots made the announcement I was contacted by Bummis (the North American distributor of the easyfits) to see if I would like to review one of the new easyfits... I was so excited (you can ask the other contributors and my family, they will tell you how excited I was). Now I am going to focus on the major changes of this diaper.I almost couldn't believe it until I had this lovely diaper in my hands! The first change that you will notice is the color difference of the snaps and aplix.It adds a nice fun pop to the inside of the diaper.One thing I love about the minky is that is it so much easier to clean off than the old version when it comes to the whole poo issue.

The old version was a tad shorter probably due to shrinking in the wash.

Other than that I would say the inserts are pretty much identical as far as sizing goes.

I also wanted to check the diapers to see if the sizing was the same.

They are still super sticky and stay closed while washing.

And get this, there is still plenty of room for him to grow in it as he is only on the middle rise setting for snaps and the waist still has plenty of room to open up. So you might be wondering why I love the easyfits so much. The have the best aplix (velcro) I have ever used on a cloth diaper.

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The next huge difference is the inside of this diaper.

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