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Tda dating

The Tda was/is like a drug- the more trips you go on, the more you want to do.In Africa i met Michael Linke and the BEN (Bicycle empowerment network), inspired by the great things they were doing, started a chapter of Bicycles for Humanity here in Victoria as a way of giving back.To date we (B4H Victoria) have collected and shipped 11 container loads of bikes to 3 African countries- Two container loads each to Namibia & Uganda and 7 to Malawi ( 5000 bikes spare parts to date and counting!) So fortunate and blessed to be able to give back...I am looking forward to getting together with some old friends and making some new ones.Hi, I am Ching-Chuan Chen, you can just call me Chen.

Working hard to be the first client to complete all 7 Epics- It's been a fun ride so far...While searching long distance bike tours way back in the early 2000's, the TDA site came up. Wow- people- 'ordinary people-doing extraordinary things' actually participated in those rides, and lived to tell about it!They didn't get killed by lions or headhunters or...Did Venice to Barcelona leg in 2014 and it was so good that in 2015 I completed the Orient Express and the Bamboo Road before realising I had to get a job again! Previously I've done a section on Bamboo Road (2013), three sections on Trans-Europa (20) and the complete Orient Express (2015).Sadly this year I can only do one segment but with lots of old friends (no reference to ageism) I couldn't resist returning - looking forward to joining you in Banff Hi. Looking forward to a great summer of cycling WOW, ANOTHER TDA TOUR SO FORTUNATE AND PROUD TO BE A PART OF THIS GROUP. MY CHOICE IS TO STAY AS ACTIVE IN LIFE AS POSSIBLE. ENERGIZING MY GOALS AS I SEE THIS AMAZING WORLD ON TWO WHEELS.

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I have been on 6 expeditions into the Himalayas of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Ladakh.

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