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Timetesteddatingsecrets pdf

After all, there’s only so much searching and e-mailing a man can take when there’s not even a hint of interest in return from any of the women out there. If so, the ordeal you’ve suffered really isn’t your fault. They’d rather keep you on their site as long as they can.That’s not going to happen if you rake in all the incredible women you can handle as quickly as possible. My name is Scot Mc Kay and I have good news for you: Online dating doesn’t have to be as hard as it looks…as long as you know the shortcuts to getting it right.The answer’s simple and straightforward: I actually met the woman of my dreams on and am now living happily ever after with her.Actually, I’ve been “retired” from online dating for over thirteen years now.And I’m convinced, based on first-hand experience, that you can achieve this on any site or app you choose…even the largest sites like Match.com, Plenty Of Fish, OK Cupid or even Tinder.At the latest count, three guys have met and dated cheerleaders from professional sports teams (Falcons, Lions, Spurs), another has met a former contestant from The Bachelor, one has dated a former Olympic gymnast, two have dated television actresses, and yet another met and dated the weather girl from his local TV news…all using the secrets found in I’ve heard from countless others who’ve met the most desirable women online as well, even if they aren’t world-famous.

You already know that I’ve personally met over 100 terrific women online, including my amazing wife Emily. If you’re making even one of the crucial errors identified in this concise 21-page document, you could be cutting out over half of your potential dating pool without even realizing it.

All of our hard-earned lessons are about to come to you much easier than they did for my guest co-hosts and for me.

We’re not talking playing some “numbers game” here, either. This is about discovering the secrets to an online dating bonanza that goes way beyond what you’ve dared to fantasize about. Through the magic of audio, video and the written word you’ll discover the powerful yet logical secrets to getting enthusiastic responses from your absolute favorite women online…even as hundreds of other men shower them with unopened and unanswered emails.

You’re about to get an insider’s peek at twenty-six magical principles of powerful first e-mails that most men will never figure out.

Then, I’ll give you a full fifty practical examples I’ve personally written to some of the very sharpest women online…complete with a full breakdown of every one of them.

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