Tips on dating a preacher

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Tips on dating a preacher

Every time you preach on marriage, the congregation will think about your marriage.

Every time you preach on parenting, they will think about your family.

No matter the situation, Cathi has been an incredible source of support, wisdom, and grace. For the last twenty-four years we have been members of one church where I have served as the senior pastor.

Although she chooses not to be highly visible, she has a very important—and not easy—role.

The fact that a woman’s husband is in the ministry does not mean that she has more time; she probably has less.So resist the urge to place additional expectations on her.Her primary responsibility is not to organize the annual mother-daughter tea, VBS, or the ladies retreat.This is perhaps the greatest challenge of being a senior pastor and, therefore, of being married to one.You may have supportive elders and staff, but your senior position means you own the church, feel the church, breathe the church.

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He loved to preach and certainly had been affirmed in it, but he realized that living with his wife in an understanding way (1 Pet.

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