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So in a Citrix terminal server environment, when they save documents on their actual workstation desktop, that is saved back into the server and then reloaded back when they login the next day? In terms of email, I use Trend Micro scanmail for exchange and it is not really effective in filtering emails.... So i pay big bucks for this entire Trend micro package AV/Spam/Internet filtering and spam fails horribly...Edit: Also, if the Exchange server went down, the Citrix Outlook users would not be able to look at their emails offline at all?So in terms of the Outlook junk emails, is there a workaround or something?Because relying on Outlook's junk mail filter doesnt seem to work.All of the ones that end up in my quarantine folder (I get the quarantine for the whole company) are the obvious "You've won a laptop/fuel voucher/LCD TV" etc and I've heard from a couple of users that these are also the ones that are getting through. Yes, the larger the roaming profile the longer it takes to log in, as it has to send the data from the server to the local pc. profile is copied back to server where profiles are stored.6. In which, it just doesnt make sense blocking russian-character keywords.That and I've seen a few "I run a domain registrar in china and noticed someone tried to register your copyrighted domain, but we're nice enough to offer it to you at a stupid price" get through to users (including ones not listed on the whois or anything for the domains! Also make sure you include files on their desktop, my documents (if not redirected) etc in your calculations. profile is copied from server to machine they log into to.3. Same with blocking domains with a specific code such as @...

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Remember that you can disable roaming of any folder in the profile to aid in speed if you find problem areas (such as optical drive burning temp areas that cam build up data). I might go blocking keywords and after a period of time, different keywords and totally different emails are sent ...

Spam accounts for over 50% of all email traffic (closer to 80% if you pay attention to the stats worldwide). Depending on your needs and skill, you could investigate the managed services that Wazzap has suggested, or GFI or any number of other software solutions – spam filtering is a BIG business! Only been running ML for probably 3 months so far, but yes I have noticed that the spam that gets through is fairly obvious. With the trend micro Scanmail, if there is a way – please tell, but i cant block country-specific emails, such as Russian emails with all them russian characters.

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