True love review dating sim

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True love review dating sim

This gives you the opportunity to experience the culture and meet people from different cities. You are presented with different profiles suggested by Skout, and you can simply like or dislike the suggestions by the tapping the green check or red X mark.

If you tapped the green check on someone who did the same to your profile, then it's a match. Profiles that are beyond your preferences (especially location) can show up in the recommended section.

Members who unlocked your photo can rate it from 1 to 5 stars.

Buzz A place where you let people know your personality beyond your profile.

Sometimes, the profiles you click on in the search results are actually accounts from their sister app "Meet Me".

It is a gamble because you know nothing about the person, but the mystery is part of the thrill.

If you accidentally rejected the message, you can go to the "Blocked Users" section, unblock that person, and start chatting.

Backstage Where you can hide your photos and let members unlock them.

As a location-based app, they've expanded to the rest of the world, where users from more than 100 countries can connect and create special connections.

The Skout app is jam-packed with features (both free and premium) which makes sure that you'll never be bored while using it.

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Skout login can be done through the app or the website.

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