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Two guys in one direction dating

Why you can’t get hard Whether it’s a hook-up or a long-time partner, penis problems can crop up to ruin your night at any time for any number of reasons. Stress is one of the number one culprits in why you can’t get hard.

That’s why we’re looking into penis problems 101 and the top 10 reasons why your penis is being a total dick. In this case, wondering how you’re going to pay your bills, what’s wrong with your relationship, and what stick your boss has up his rear aren’t exactly a turn on for getting an erection.

Now before you wave it off and exclaim how you won’t have to worry about this until you’re in your 70s, it may horrify you to know that the reports one in four erectile dysfunction patients is under 40 years old.

Rest assured that when it comes to troubles in the bedroom and a disobedient penis, you’re definitely not alone.

Suffering from an illness, and now you’re on antibiotics or an over-the-counter cold medicine? Other medications such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication may have lifelong effects on your ability to get a boner.

Critics of One Direction may answer that question emphatically in the positive, but Styles himself has been a little ambiguous as of late.

Now it’s been rumored that Harry Styles’ girlfriend may be Erin Foster.“Payne responded first by saying, ‘Female.

Harry has been a big advocate for gay rights and was even in the center of gay and bisexual rumors himself in recent years.”“Sorry ladies, but this cutie might be off the market…

Picture this: you have the girl of your dreams laid out before you.

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In fact, I doubt anything positive popped into your mind.