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Updating adobe online components

Starting with Config Mgr Current Branch 1806, you can now enable and deploy Third-party Software Updates from a partner catalog from within Config Mgr using the existing software update management process.

Third-party vendors have for many years now provided their own catalogs with access to the latest version of applications, some containing more applications than others, but they all serve the same purpose, assisting the Config Mgr administrator in staying current with their deployed applications.

This allows a user to uninstall Flash from the Mac in general but still retain Flash playing capabilities within the Google Chrome web browser sandboxed environment.

In practice, this means when I want or need to use Flash Player for whatever reason, I use Chrome for those Flash websites.

This is because we need to ensure the back-end of the environment is configured for this feature before we start using it.

In order to enable this feature, we need to make sure our environment is configured properly which means: For more details and the documentation for this new feature, check out the documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/sum/deploy-use/third-party-software-updates As for enabling the Software Update point with HTTPS, I’ll not be cover that in this post since it’s already really well documented by my fellow MVP Peter van der Woude on the following URL: How to configure a Software Update Point to use SSL for communicating with WSUS After following the steps outlined by Peter, you should be able to run your Software Update point in HTTPS, as shown in the picture below.

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It’s important to keep Flash Player up to date if you’re going to use the Flash plug-in or have it installed, whether it’s in Chrome or in another web browser.