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Updating blackberry storm software

* When trying to edit/create a folder, the virtual keyboard did not render to allow the user to enter the names of said folders.* Intermittently, when streaming a video while doing a handover to 2G on a 3G network the video would stop playing.* Previous software versions did not allow the user to increase the count of notifications (i.e.Beep 5 times when when I get an email and beep 3 times when I get an sms).Your BBOS smartphone must be turned on and have network connectivity to receive the message.

* When swiping down the virtual keyboard in an MMS message the send and save draft icons did not appear as expected.

In this software, this is now allowed with counts from 1-10.

* When trying to set a home screen background of a certain resolution (more specifically a resolution matching either the width or the height of the native resolution of the LCD) it may have appeared as a black screen.

Black Berry Storm - MR3 (5.0) Software Release OEM: RIMModel: 9530Software Version: 5.0.0 Release 508(OS / Applications Date: 10/22/09Available through the following methods: Over The Air Software Loading (OTASL): NOT AVAILABLE for this upgrade.

Desktop Manager Software Loading: Customers will have access any time after10/25 10PM Eastern time.

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