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You’ll need a D1 form, which can be sent to you by post from the DVLA, picked up at a post office, or completed online.As well as changing the details on the form, you’ll need to provide supporting documentation.The minimum eyesight requirement, check it out and, if necessary, sort out some glasses or contacts from the optician.Your provisional licence will be converted to a full driving licence, free of charge when you pass your practical driving test.You need to update your licence if any of these change (and as a fine is involved, it’s worth doing, even if you only have a few months to go before it expires).You need to renew your licence if your name changes (marriage, gender transition, or if you’ve changed your name by deed poll).

When’s the last time you looked to see if the information on your driving licence is correct?

It’s worth checking, because out-of-date details could result in you being landed with a large fine of up to £1,000.

According to the DVLA, 2.3 million of us are driving around with incorrect personal information on our licences.

Photocard driving licences expire after ten years, and you can renew them online (currently £14) or by post (£17).

You can also renew at a Post Office, which costs £21.50 (including the cost of the photos, which they take and send to the DVLA).

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If a driver has 6 or more points on their provisional licence then if they get 1 or more points after passing their test within 24 months their licence will be revoked.

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