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You can use UNet Bootin to download the ISO(image file) automatically or it can be downloaded here: Get Kubuntu. Insert your USB drive into your computer and find the corresponding drive using: If you're using a Linux Distribution that uses KDE you can follow the Kubuntu instructions as K3b is provided in every KDE based distribution. See Get Kubuntu will ensure that you have the latest bug and security fixes included and applied once the installation is complete.

This is where you choose how to organize your hard drive.

I also had to re-enable disabled sources - Skype and Chrome were temporarily disabled during the upgrade, but this is marked with a comment, so if you use Muon - Discover is useless as it has no ability to edit software repos - you can restore that easily. A second issue, within three minutes of logging into the new desktop.

Never had any problems with the search functionality in Zesty, but I did see this on the LG machine as well. There should be jail penalty for software regressions and badly performed QA. I seriously believe that software regressions should be punished.

There is an excellent tutorial written by the Admin on the Img Burn forums. For a GUI (Graphic User Interface) we use UNet Bootin.

Or perhaps the issue was patched (again) in the meantime.

Nvidia drivers were working fine, Steam was working fine - it needed a rebuild of some of the cached libraries, but then it launched without any problems.

How-To-Geek also provides some information regarding MD5SUM reading material or Cygwin can be installed and UNIX utilities used instead.

Open the Terminal app, then navigate to the directory where the ISO is saved.

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I did not want to use Discover, because it's a buggy program, so I executed the upgrade process from the command line.

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