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This will make the clock run faster, or slower, than is really happening. And all the other answers are just misleading IMHO.Since ntp is trying to measure changes on the assumption that your clock is a fixed-rate faster or slower than the rest of the world, this speeding up and slowing down will give ntp fits and it will probably eventually just give up, with the result that indicated, that the system is already synchronized. Just give it more time and a little star will appear. But ntpd doesn't usually sync in one big jump (like ntpdate), but tries to adjust the time slowly and ensures over several cycles, that the time is stable. ntpd is even recommended by VMWare to keep the time in sync.For Debian or Ubuntu, that would be this command: You’ll find a lot of lines in there, but the important ones are the server lines.You can get a list of server addresses at ntp.org, find the preferred ones for your area, and then add them to the file.I think you may be mis-understanding the exact degree to which this issue affects NTP clients in a virtualized environment.In my experience on a virtualized system on a Xen host (such as our setup at Rackspace Cloud) the inaccuracy inherited by not having a dedicated system clock to process the interrupts amounts to fractions of a second, even on highly loaded systems.

you will see a little icon in the kicker bar/taskbar when there are updates.:_The_NTP_Server you might want to post the contents of your file, the output of the debug commands like ntpq -p And check your date/time?And verify this also, run ntpdate and startup ntpd, is the time keeping in sync? Of course first verify that you have a solid NTP server and your system clock is reliable.I also made a ticket with my VPS provider asking them for a detailed recommendation on the best thing to do.I pointed them to this thread, and some other documentation indicating that maybe the CPU allocation would cause a timing problem.

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id=167407Didn't work, I rmed the /etc/localtime and symlinked from zoneinfo again, set hwclock --systohc --utc and it didn't work.