Updating openoffice in lenny who is mos def dating

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Updating openoffice in lenny

For the greatest reliability of the upgrade process, you may wish to remove third-party packages from your system before you begin upgrading.

If for example the initrd is unable to mount your root file system, you will be dropped into this debug shell which has basic commands available to help trace the problem and possibly fix it.This backup may help to restore or recreate the old settings. Any package installation operation must be run with superuser privileges, so either log in as Because of the many changes in the kernel between etch and lenny regarding drivers, hardware discovery and the naming and ordering of device files, there is a real risk that you may experience problems rebooting your system after the upgrade.A lot of known potential issues are documented in this and the next chapters of these Release Notes.The following command will show any packages which have a status of Half-Installed or Failed-Config, and those with any error status.If you have any non-Debian packages on your system, you should be aware that these may be removed during the upgrade because of conflicting dependencies.

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